Cloud Services

Simplify your workflow and let our specialists do the cloud computing for you. Here's what's in store for you under Yondu's Managed Cloud Services.


Transforming your workflow to suit the digital era does not mean swelling your manpower. Reduce costs while giving yourself an edge over your competition with the Philippines’ top cloud computing company.

Business Challenge

Save precious resources and focus on your core business instead with Yondu’s Managed Cloud Services. No need to hire and train people on managing cloud infrastructure as we offer the expertise you need to help you meet your goals.
Trust Yondu with securing your information with our top-of-the-line security standards. With our trustworthy team, you can make sure you don’t have to fret as you make the switch to digitalizing and upgrading
your workflow.


With the help of Yondu’s dedicated tech team on managed cloud computing services, you can squeeze the most out of your budget without sacrificing quality and security. Yondu boasts the expertise you need in managing your cloud
infrastructure at the same time giving you an edge over your competition as you shift from traditional services to cutting edge technology at optimal levels.
When disaster strikes, Yondu will be there with recovery plans to pave way for your uninterrupted workflow. Not only that, our team promises increased performance of your IT infrastructure. Spend less time on routine tasks and let us handle the responsibility of focusing at the back end of your business to help move your priorities forward.


Allow us to be at the helm of all your cloud computing needs. With your ideas and our speed and expertise, you can focus on satisfying your customers while we maintain your run-of-the-mill cloud needs from computing to operating systems.